Waterpik Water Flosser Review


Waterpik Water Flosser

First I want to make it very clear that I was not asked to review this product. I am reviewing it simply because I have tried it and have a big opinion on it and wanted to share with you all. I have been meaning to write this review for some time, but with me recently being extremely sick, followed by computer problems that I am still currently dealing with, time has gotten away from me. 
Mid March Waterpik SinuSense had an amazing giveaway available for their US Fans. I myself am Canadian but I followed it quite closely helping out whenever I could answering questions when people were having trouble accessing the giveaway. 
That day when I was checking my email I seen I got an email from a wonderful lady by the name of Patti from Waterpik thanking me for all the help during the giveaway. She asked me for my address and said she would like me to be able to take part in the giveaway even though I was in Canada, I was thrilled! To my surprise about a week or so after emailing her my address I got this gigantic box (Ok maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but it was big!) inside was a gorgeous shower head for my shower, Waterpik Water Flosser, and one of the SinuSense squeeze bottles! I couldn’t believe it! I don’t think I have been more excited since I was a little kid at Christmas! 

So what did I HONESTLY think of the Waterpik Water Flosser???
First let me start by saying I stared at the box for a good 3 or 4 days as it intimidated me. Then I opened the box and read the instructions, and then read them again, fearful I might miss something the first time and do something wrong lol. Give me a computer it’s a piece of cake, give me a water flosser and I am scared to death! lol

Now to put it to the test! I opened it up and began reading and following the instructions. First use was rather entertaining to say the least! I shot water across my bathroom, & had to change my shirt from not controlling it well enough! After about the 4th time, I feel like I had it all under control! I knew how to keep the water in my mouth and in the sink while it goes to work! I can honestly say the ONLY thing that could compare to the Waterpik Water Flosser is when the Dentist does your flossing, and cleaning. I could not believe how well it worked! I am a Waterpik Water Flosser customer for LIFE. This product is second to none, I could spend 2 hours manually flossing my teeth and not get the results I get in a matter of 60 seconds with the Water Flosser. I will never manually floss my teeth again. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone! You will not be disappointed! 

I plan on speaking to Patti again about the Children’s Water Flosser as well as our Dentist, as I do have a few questions before I use it with my daughter. I know she will love it as much as I do as she is fascinated with mine!!

Huge Thank you to Patti From Waterpik for giving me the opportunity to better my oral health as I never would have tried this otherwise due to price and fear that it just wouldn’t live up to my expectations. This product well surpassed my expectations! 

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