Tom The Turkey! NEW Scentsy Warmer Of The Month For Thanksgiving!

New Tom Scentsy Warmer

I am so excited about this month’s Scentsy burner, Gooble Gooble!! October’s Scentsy burner of the month is the awesome Tom burner! Make sure to chance your location to USA if it is not there already :)  If you are not familiar with Scentsy burners they are amazing. They are warmers that are run with a light bulb melting the wax just enough to release the beautiful smells without releasing any toxins in the air unlike candles, they are non toxic, safe for pets and kids and the 80+ available fragrances smell AMAZING! Each Scentsy fragrance bar you get comes with 8 pieces in it and all you do is put one in the top of your burner and it will last for upwards of 8-24+ hours! Ever since I found out that candles release horrible toxins into the air, such as tea light candles when you burn ONE of them it is the equivelant to smoking 200 CIGERETTES in your home which I am not ok with at all especially since I have a daughter to think about. Click here to see the new Tom burner and browse all the amazing things scentsy has to offer. Also if anyone has any questions at all regarding the burners or products you are more than welcome to email me at

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