The National Institute on Drug Abuse Free DVD’s, & Other Educational Resources (US)


NIDA Goes Back to School Campaign

The NIDA Goes Back to School campaign is your source for FREE information about the latest science-based drug abuse publications and teaching materials. Parents, we provide the latest research findings on drug abuse and addiction. The fact sheets and booklets appearing here will give you the data based on science. Order hard copies of our materials FREE of charge.  You can ordere so many great programs through the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
Overview Of NIDA Junior Scientist Program 
Contains five modules designed to examine the effects of drugs on the brain. This program lays the foundation for future scientific learning and substance abuse prevention efforts. Parent newsletters in both English and Spanish are included
They have programs and resources ranging from K- Grade 12 & Information or how to use the Programs! There is just way too much on here to tell you all the details but I think this is a great program for kids as it teaches them so much about drug abuse and the brain. I cannot wait for mine to arrive!
Click Here To Order Your Own Programs & Other Resources! and be sure to check out the booklets available  they have a great one teaching the science of drug addiction on National Institute on Drug Abuse website.
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