Special Surprise Invitation For Duncan Hines Baker’s Club Members | JOIN NOW!!! + UPDATE (US)

Duncan Hines Baker’s Club

Duncan Hines posted on facebook that they have a special surprise invitation for Duncan Hines Baker’s Club members and they will be emailing them in less than a week, and if you want in on it you have to sign up to get on board!! They won’t give any details on this!! I wonder what it could be, what do you think it is? Click Here To Register To Become A Duncan Hines Baker’s Club Member Now!

UPDATE FROM DUNCAN HINES* Exciting news – we’re emailing all Duncan Hines Baker’s Club members on Friday with a special invitation. To get in on the action, click “Become a Member” at the top of www.duncanhines.com.

Make sure you share this post with your friends so they can get in on this surprise invitation for Duncan Hines Members!

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