ShopRite Passover Coupon Book Available (US)

ShopRite has a Passover Coupon Book!

Manufacturer Coupons exp 4/26/11 include:

•$1 off (1) 10 oz. canister any flavor Manischewitz Macaroons

•$1 off (1) 12 oz. box Manischewitz Passover Egg Matzo

•$1 off (1) box any size any variety Manischewitz Chocolates

•$1 off (1) 27 oz. canister Manischewitz Matzo Meal

•Buy 2 get $1 off 2 packages, any size any variety Season Sardines

•$2 off (1) 16 oz. box Rokeach Round Hand Made Matzo

ShopRite Store Coupons exp 4/30/11 include:

•$.50 off (1) 9 oz Joyva Jelly Rings or Marshmallows

•$.50 off (1) 20 oz any variety A&B Gefilte Fish

•$.50 off (1) 72 count Rokeach Sabbath Candles

•$.25 off (1) any variety or “Kosher for Passover” 2 Liter of Coke or Diet Coke

•$.50 off (1) 12-13 oz any variety Kosher for Passover Manischewitz Blintzes or Potato Pancakes

•$.50 off (1) 12 to 32 oz jar any variety Kosher for Passover Vita Herring

•$.50 off (1) any size package Kosher for Passover Empire Boneless Chicken Breast

•$.50 off (1) 8 to 17 oz container Sabra Item, where available and supplies last

•$.25 off (1) 59 oz. any variety, Kosher for Passover Tropicana Pure Premium OJ

•$.50 off (1) 8 oz box, any variety Manischewitz Passover Tams Tams

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