Samples N Freebies N Deals IS MOVING IN THE NEW YEAR Which Will Effect EVERYONE!! PLEASE READ***VERY IMPORTANT*** (Canada, US)

Big Change

I have tossed around the idea of seperate pages for quite some time now but have always went back to my initial thought that I love how unique this page is for the fact that there are not many pages that do both US & Canada Freebies and the ones that do usually don’t state which country in the topic title like we do but recently with the amount of posts on a daily basis I have come to a decision and have decided that I am going to seperate the pages There will be ample notice before we make the change but I am asking that my
 US fans Join US Samples N Freebies N Deals Oh My  & Canadian Fans Join Canada Samples N Freebies N Deals Oh My
Incase you are wondering there will be NO posts until we announce that we are making the switch over so you will NOT get double posts. Once I feel we have have managed to have most all our fans make the transition over we will make the pages active and notify you all. I don’t expect this to happen till early in the New Year :)
So I could REALLY REALLY use your help sharing this post with your friends because the more everyone shares the better chance this news will reach all of our fans here!!
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