Printable Coupons On The Rise In Canada

It is no secret that coupons in Canada are getting more and more popular. There are many ways that companies are distributing coupons such as printable coupons, mobile phone coupons, postal mail coupons, coupons loaded onto store cards and even coupons in the form of rebates via an app for your mobile phone, tear pads in stores, newspaper inserts. Companies are constantly rolling out new coupons. Popular brands such as Loreal, Maple Leaf, Maybelline, Dempsters and many more have provided us with hundreds of dollars in savings and many have provided us with a chance to try their products for free by sending out FPC’s.( Free Product Coupons ) Although we have fantastic postal mail coupon resources available to us, I find that printable coupons are on the rise over the last couple years. For example: we have seen SmartSource launch in Canada, along with adding a new printable coupon offer option for their advertisers and users, another one to look out for in the near future is Target. Since Target has come to Canada they have also stated they will be offering coupons online. Who will provide those coupons? 2 years ago we could have managed without a printer as printable coupons were not very popular. As I write this I find there are more printable coupons available for Canadians and released daily than there are postal mail coupons. If you rely on coupons on a regular basis to keep your costs down, and haven’t made the big printer purchase I highly recommend you think about it…sooner rather than later, but before you do one thing to remember when shopping for a printer is ink cartridges. It is more important to shop ink cartridges that is reasonably priced and that you can fit into your budget, and live with. Sure a $30 printer seems like a great deal, until that dreadful day when you go to get a new ink cartridge and it is going to cost you 3x the price that you paid for the printer! OUCH! That hurts the pocket book in the long run. If you have to pay a higher price for a printer with a reasonable price for ink that is a small long term price to pay even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. So before you shop printers, shop cartridges! :) Agree? Lets discuss it!

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