Hey all! Brandi here! As most of you all know I am Canadian. I started this site back in January with the intention to bring you all great freebies, samples, and deals that I came across. While I was searching I quickly realized there was SO many great US offers as well, and instead of by passing them all making it wasted time I figured I would blog them both.

I know there are some days where there is mostly US freebies, and deals but as I have said before we will not hold back something awesome just because we don’t have the same amount of posts to balance out Canada  & US. I don’t know about you all but in the 3 months I have been doing this I have received SO many AMAZING freebies. Hair Dye, T-Shirts, Candy, Hats, Bags, Books, Magazines, Body oils, and soooo much more!!! Lets not forget the awesome MIR’s that are available to Canadians that I feel are second to none!! There are so many amazing freebies out there that we blog, it is sad that it is getting clouded by the fact that there is more US posts.

Since the blog started I have only had the misfortune of a couple snarky, rude posts regarding this. I just want to say that this will not be tolerated, and will result in an immediate ban. The days when there are a ton of US goodies I sometimes spend HOURS digging to find some Canadian stuff, but you don’t see that, all you see is what is posted, you don’t see what goes on behind the posts.

We do our very best to make it as EASY as we can for our US & Canadian readers to distiguish between US and Canada freebies & offers by putting the country in which the freebie or offer is available in the title in brackets. We also make sure to put whether a coupon is printable or postal mail in the title, again to make it much easier for those of you that are US/Canadian, Printer/No Printer to navigate. I don’t want any of you to click a post only to realize you can’t get the freebie for one reason or another.

So again we have done our very best to make this as easy & hassle free for you. You just have to bypass the ones you know are not for you. I have seen several comments lately under our posts advising us or other readers that its only available for US, or only available to Canada. I hope this post clears things up for everyone!

Wanna help increase posts for fellow Canadians & Americans? Feel free to email us at with an amazing freebie or deal you come across or upcoming freebies, and if it has not been posted we will check it out and post if we feel it is legit!

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