Physicians Formula Facebook Announcement ~ $5 Coupon NO LONGER VALID


Physicians Formula Yesterday 9:44am
Hi Fans! We are SO appreciative of you & your passion for our brand. That’s why we are ALWAYS looking for new ways to delight you–from our 2x weekly giveaways to contests/discounts. Unfortunately our recent $5 off coupons have been inappropriately used & combined to deeply discount products. Although we really want you to try & love our products we can’t afford to give them away in the thousands for FREE. (continued)

Physicians Formula Yesterday 9:45am
Unfortunately we are letting you know that any $5 coupons will no longer be valid at any retailers starting now. We will continue to offer freebies here every Wed and Fri and will continue to come up with ways to reward our customers in an ongoing manner throughout the summer. Much love and thanks to you all.

Physicians Formula Yesterday 12:38pm
Thanks so much for the passion! We like that you say what you think, even if it’s to tell us you aren’t happy! The $5 coupon is the only one ending. Other current coupons are unaffected. We’re sorry to end it, but it clearly states that it is not valid with any other offer, yet many customers & retailers missed that language. We understand that most used the coupons correctly, but too many did not follow the rules.

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