Over $105.00 Worth Of Printable Coupons For Energy Star Products & Bulbs!!!! (Ontario, Canada)


Save On Energy

Here is an awesome selection of coupons to help you save on energy AND on the purchase of your energy saving products!! There are several coupons available you are sure to find a coupon for a product or bulb that you purchase! Click Here To See All The Available Coupons!
Lighting control products Indoor motion sensors,timers and dimmer switches (hard wired) $3 coupon (single packs)
 $6 coupon (multipacks of 2 or more)
ENERGY STAR qualified specialty CFL lightbulbs covered, decorative, dimmable,flood, spot, globe, candelabra, tri-light, etc.
 $3 coupon (single or double packs)
 $5 coupon (multipacks of 3 or more)
ENERGY STAR qualified standard spiral CFL light bulbs $1 coupon (1 or multipacks up to 3)
 $3 coupon (multipacks of 4 or more)
Power bars with integrated timer or auto-shutoff $4 coupon
ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures $3 coupon (1 or 2 sockets)
 $10 coupon (3 or more sockets)
ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans $10 coupon
Programmable thermostats for electric baseboard heaters $10 coupon (single or double packs)
 $30 coupon (multipacks of 3 or more)
Weatherstripping foam or V-strip door frame kits $2 coupon (foam or V-strip)
 $3 coupon (door frame kits)
Heavy-duty outdoor timers $4 coupon
Outdoor umbrella stands or clothesline kits $5 coupon
Insulation blankets for electric water heaters $4 coupon
Pipe wrap for hot water pipes $0.50 coupon/ 3 pieces

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