News For All Our Tim Hortons Fans Starting Jan 23rd (Canada)

New Tims Cup Sizes

Well the day is fast approaching that some of us have been waiting for. I am quite sure this is going to cause major chaos at Tim Hortons across Canada, as people are going to be ordering their “usual” coffee only to get something bigger than they expected and at a higher price. If I wasn’t such a Timmies fan I would probably boycott Tim Hortons for a couple weeks till this settles! I have been ordering a X-Large 3 Cream for years and now I have to remember that the X-large is NOW a large.

I am also curious if they have brought it new creamer machines to accommodate the new size. Many of you may not be aware that each size coffee has their own button on the creamer machine which dispenses the correct cream for the amount of coffee…. hmmmm.

Will you be purchasing the new X-Large coffee from Tim Hortons? I don’t believe I will be as looking at the size I am quite sure it will not fit in my microwave. I usually have 2-3 Tim’s coffees a day and my second and third coffee always last me a couple hours so I make a few trips to the microwave to heat them up. This will not be possible in my microwave. Also I am curious to see the price of this new Timmie’s Giant! Have you heard how much? Lets discuss……

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UPDATE: My second¬† Tim Horton’s coffee today came with a surprise sticker….

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