My Frugal Fall Gardening Tips ~ Sorry I’ve Been MIA Today But… Plants are ALL INSIDE!!!!! ~Pam U.S.

My Frugal Gardening Tips
Just a few pics of my extensive flower gardens & potted plants above :)
If you’re getting ready for winter by closing your pool, cleaning & reorganizing your garage and shed, putting away all the stuff on your deck, and getting mentally prepared to rake all those leaves……
And one FUN thing to your list that will save you a TON of money come Spring!
Bring all potted plants indoors.
Dig Up & Pot ANY AND ALL ANNUALS such as your Coleus, Begonias etc and bring them indoors.
Dig Up & Pot your Pepper Plants and Tomoto plants etc.
Dig Up & Pot any herbs that you planted out there too!
The MAJORITY of them will last throughout the winter INDOORS!!!!
The annuals continue to grow and the veggie plants will even produce a little :)
This will make your home cozy and green all winter and SAVE you from having to Re-Buy them next Spring! And most will be a much larger size, just think how much THOSE would cost!

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