***Live In 10 MINUTES GO NOW!!*** Bounty $5.00 Postal Mail Coupon For The First 5000 At 1PM EST Today (US)

Bounty $5.00 Postal Mail Coupon

Posted on the Bounty Facebook Page:
Hey Fans, Thanks for all the excitement about today’s big give-away. If you can’t be online at 1pm EST or you don’t get your coupon don’t worry, we will have more chances for you to win and want you to know that we appreciate all of our Bounty champions!

Here is the info for today: we’ll post a link at 1:00pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME that will take you directly to a Registration form for the $5.00 coupon. Please note that simply filling out this form does not guarantee a coupon. Only the first 5,000 who register for the coupon will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. If you do not receive the coupon this time around, we will not be keeping your email address (no Bounty spam for you!)

Head on over now to the Bounty Facebook Page & Be Ready!!

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