Join The Challenge | Earn Up T0 $50.00 Free Gas

Here is a different kind of freebie that requires some participation to get. Register for the Shuttle Challenge and you will get all the information you need to start. For the first 2 weeks you will drive as you normally would and then complete a survey. Following that for the next 2 weeks you will try to reduce your driving impact by 10% for both gas & mileage. Once you have completed the challenge you will get a $25.00 gas card as a thank you, and if you manage to reduce your driving impact by 10% you will receive another $25.00 gift card as well as be entered into a draw to win $1000.00. Head on over to check out all the details and see if this challenge is something you would be interested in. We will definitely be participating in this challenge.

“Shuttle rewards drivers just for participating in the program … and Shuttle provides more rewards for improving your driving impact”

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