How to get EXTRA or HARD TO FIND Coupons (US & Canada)

Need Extra Coupons?
Can’t find coupons you need?

TIP #1 On the back of your product package there is almost always a toll free telephone number to contact the manufacturer. Give them a call!!!! Ask them if they have a mailing list you can get your name on for coupons. Most of the time they will reply they can send you out a 1 time mailing of coupons!!!!

TIP #2 Head to your product manufacturer’s website and see if there is a Promotion or Special Offer or Coupon Tab to click on! Whether or not there is, there is also most likely a CONTACT US tab at the bottom of the website page in fine print you can click on and contact them via that information and ask if they have coupons! Include your name, address & email address so it’s a 1 step process!

TIP #3 See if there is a Facebook Page for your product or manufacturer and see what tabs are listed down the left hand side. Many times there are coupons, promotions and special offers found on the facebook pages!

TIP #4 While shopping keep your eyes open for Tearpad Coupon, Peelies & Hang Tags. I have found amazing Coupons & Mail In Rebates right in the store!

TIP #5 Post your need HERE on Canada & US Samples N Freebies N Deals Oh My and we will look for you also! Most likely you are not the only person in need of that coupon. And SHARE your finds here on our facebook page so fellow fans will be able to save too!!

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