How I Organize My Coupons

It’s taken me a while to find the perfect swing for myself. There are many ways to do this. As a little girl I used to clip all the coupons for my mom and we would put them in a shoe box with homemade cardboard dividers by category. That does not work for me with couponing using the internet anymore. ….
I found myself a 13 Gallon Flip Top Filing Box at Staples, paying for it with my Staples Rewards. I only cut out the coupons I know I will use on the Sunday they come out. Then I put the remainder of the insert into a hanging file by date and type, example “8/28 P&G”. I never throw a coupon away because you never know what sale may come up or what someone you know may need. Also, when I need to post something, I can go back and tell you what insert it came from. The U.S. coupon databases tell you what insert the coupon is in so it makes it easy for me to locate a coupon when I need it. For my shopping trips I use little photo albums and CD holder cases. They were in the house and weren’t being used anymore, so I put them to use. I just don’t want to spend money to save money, LOL. You can also find these at garage sales and thrift stores very cheap. I have 1 book for Walmart, Target, Wegmans (my local grocery store), and one for the weeks deals at Walgreens/RiteAid/CVS. This way when I am shopping I don’t have a 15lb 3-ring binder. Shopping with 3 kids in tow I just find this easier for me. I put them right in my purse, and can just pull out the one in the store I need and the others are right there in my purse on hand if I find something else exciting.

~Pam U.S.

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