*HOT* FREE Personalized Card + FREE Shipping | 25,000 Available Daily Through March 14th

Free Personalized Card
They have added over 150 new birthday cards and they are giving 25,000 per day through March 14th! I am super excited about this! I have received 2 free personalized cards from them this year! The birthday card I ordered has my daughters name on the front with beautiful script writing inside with mommy and daddy’s own personal message! There are so many different cards and occassions to choose from. Birthday, Easter, Fathers, & Mothers Day and many many more!! Click here to order your free personalized card now! Make sure to SHARE this post with all your friends so they can get a free personalized card too!
**NOTE** If for some reason it is trying to charge you shipping, leave the card in your cart and email them at customercare@cardstore.com and give them the email that you are registered with and tell them you are being charged shipping and they will take care of it! I had to do this on my last order! :)

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