Free Wipe Off Menu Planner, Reusable Shpping List & AWESOME Games Via Postal Mail & Other Great Stuff! (Canada)


Menu Planner

This is a great freebie for Canadians! I love this idea cause in our house were always scatter brained when it comes to meals! We never know what were having and even after we do groceries we tend to have to go out and pick something up we need almost every day cause we don’t have it! lol So maybe this will help us out! This is a great way to help save time and money by pre-planning your meals! You can also get the kids involved in the process of planning! The Wipe Off Menu Planner comes with a reusable shopping list!
Click Here To Get Your Free Menu Planner
You can also order the 2 games below They are on the same page so no additional links required! They are great educational resources for kids!

STAYING ALIVE! Lost in the Mountains

Get kids excited about healthy eating with Staying Alive! Lost in the Mountains – the new, kid-cool adventure board game where food means survival.

Mission 5421: Finding Paradise Island

This motivating, healthy-eating game is designed for grade 2 and 3 students. It helps children apply the Food Guide to their own lives.

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