FREE Olay Bar & Secret Deoderant OR Olay Bar, Lotion & Secret Deoderant Cheap Deal with New P&G Coupons at Wegmans (US)

It appears there are 2 versions of this New P&G Coupon

I received a $4 off Any 1 Secret Deoderant AND Any 1 Olay Bar, Bodywash, or In-Shower Body Lotion AND Olay Hand & Body Lotion Coupon

There is also a $3 off Olay Bar, Body Wash, or Body Lotion AND Secret Deodorant

The latter of the 2 will make out INCREDIBLE at Wegmans, but I still got a good deal!

Secret Deoderant 1.7oz (this is NOT a trial size) only $.69 after Shoppers Club Discount

1 Olay White Moisturizing Bar 3.5oz only $.49 after Shoppers Club Discount

Olay’s New Silk Whimsey Body Lotion Reg Price $4.69

My Final Price with the $4/3 Items was only $1.87

For Those with the $3/2 Items You Get the Secret & the Olay Bar FREE

Even Without a Coupon the Olay Bar Soap & Secret Deoderant is a Great Price!

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