Free Groceries For A Month SCAM or Not? PLEASE READ EVERYONE!!

I am rather concerned about this FB page that is asking its fans to go around and spam other FB pages claiming they will get 1 month worth of free groceries. They JUST created this page, have literally NO info or website listed on their FB page, nor do they have any official rules. Another person posted on their recent post that it was a scam as when they did everything that was asked of them it said it was not available in their area. I also commented on the same post raising the very concerns I posted here, such as lack of info, no website, and requiring people to spam other pages. Both mine and the other ladies comment were REMOVED rather than being addressed and I was banned from posting. Legit? I think not! If they were, they would have happily addressed my concerns, and hers, but instead they are shutting us up by banning us. Well I speak very loudly and I won’t be quiet. I don’t want to see people falling for this. I am asking everyone to NOT post their FB page on our FB page. I have removed several of these links and will continue to remove them. They are just trying to build a huge fan base, and I will be reporting their FB page, you decide if you want to do the same.
If it seems to good to be true it usually is and this is NO exception.
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Free Groceries For A Month
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