For Those That Remember and LOVE The Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Polish & Wonder Where The Heck It Went!! (Canada, US)

Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Polish

I dont know about many of you but the Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Polish is my ultimate favourite nail polish line! I have the Sally Hansen Chrome Silver and the Sally Hansen Chrome Pink. Aside from the fact that they are gorgeous nail polish colours and easy to apply the Chrome nail polish dries in like 60 seconds which makes them a first choice when you need to put something on your nails and head out the door. I have been searching for awhile now and have not been able to find the chrome nail polish in stores at all! I really wanted to get the blue and a pearl and then it hit me! ONLINE! you can find anything online so I started browsing online to find the Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Polish! I FOUND IT!! I just wanted to share with you all cause i love it so much and I am sure there are a few of you out there that feel the same as me, or maybe I am all alone out there in my love for Chrome! lol

Click To See Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Polish – Peach Crystal  and other awesome Chrome Nail Polishes from the Salley Hansen Chrome Line!

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