CHEER Giveaway! It’s Laundry Day! TODAY at 12:00pm EST (US & Canada)


Watch a Music Video

Click Stuff & You Might Just Get It

SATURDAY 8/27 at 12:00pm EST

CHEER Just Posted!!!!!

Laundry Day! Check out Dig it. Get it. Around 12pm EST today for the chance to nab a Cheer sample.

LIKE the CHEER Facebook Page

Click on the Dig It Get It Tab

U.S. & Canada BOTH!

No Purch. Nec. US & CAN (ex. QEB). Age of majority. Ends 8/31/11.


Whenever I click on something, the video freezes but nothing else happens.

Look for colored boxes that appear around certain items in the video, and click on those. Those are the items we’re giving away that day! If you click on a spot in the video that is not within a colored box, it will only pause the video. If you click on an item within a colored box, it should pause the video and open a new window where you can claim your prize. (note: if you’re clicking inside a box and the new window isn’t opening, check to see if your browser is blocking the pop-up windows)

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