B1G1 FREE Hasbro Travel Games Printable Coupon & $13.00 More Hasbro Printable Coupons For Zellers!! (Canada)


Hasbro Coupons

Here are some great printable coupons for Zellers! There are 4 coupons available from Hasbro. Coupons are as follows Save $5.00 On Hasbro Cars Operation Game, B1G1 FREE Hasbro Travel Games. Just in time for the summer when we are all going on long trips in the car, the Hasbro Travel Games Are Perfect For Long Road Trips!!! Hasbro Hungry Hippos, & Hasbro Pig Goes Pop (My daughter got this game for Christmas)  If anyone has been thinking about getting Pig Goes Pop I recommend getting it when it is on sale, it is great for about 15 minutes and may help kids that are learning to identify numbers 1-5 but it was $24.99 with tax it came close to $30.00. Personally I don’t think Pig Goes Pop is worth more than about $15.00 taxes in but thats just my opinion! Maybe my daughter was just too old for it?
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