Another great HINT to the Get Coupons You Want (Canada, U.S or any)

Here’s another way to get the Coupons you Need!

If you have favorite products you either can’t seem to find coupons for or just can’t get enough coupon of, there’s always a way to do it….

Take a look at your product package. There will usually be a Toll Free telephone number posted on it. Give that number a call and ask them if they have a Mailing List for Coupons that you an be put on! Also offer them your email address! I have gotten some GREAT hig dollar coupons that way, and also some coupons for FREE products!

The other way to do it is see if your favorite product has a web site. Almost all companies do nowadays. In that fine print at the bottom of the web page, or sometimes at the top, there is usually a link tab labeled CONTACT US! Send them an email and ask if they have a postal mail or email listing you can be put on for coupons. Include your mailing address and email address right in the request. GOOD LUCK! And let us know how you do!!!!

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