Ahhhh Home Sweet Home US!! We Have Launched!!

Today is the day! I am really excited to now be posting US Samples, Freebies, Coupons, & Deals On A Dedicated US Blog | Facebook Page!! I decided to launch a little early with a lot less fans than I was hoping having made the transition over, but I can’t wait any longer I am just way too excited & I figure all my awesome fans will help me out spreading the word about our launch. I am asking that if you come across a post that you like if you could be so kind as to hit the share button to share with your friends which will in turn help this page grow. If you come across a hot upcoming freebie, there is a contact button on the left hand side of our facebook page. Please note that I do work during the day 3 days a week so If I didn’t post it, it is not because I don’t appreciate it because I REALLY do! Ok enough jibber jabber, time to post & remember if you like something please share with your friends :)

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