Advil Nighttime Liqui Gels 10 Pack $0.77 With Coupon – $4.00 Off Tearpad Coupons ARE BACK!! They Can Be Found At Zellers & Shoppers Drug Mart!! (Canada)


Advil Nighttime Liqui Gels

Advil had these Advil Nighttime (ANY SIZE) Tearpad Coupons around the last week of March at Shoppers Drug Mart and I have noticed they have resurfaced at Zellers & another reader tells me they are back at Shoppers too YAY!!! So head on out and grab some of these great coupons and be sure to hang on to them as we will be watching for a sale!!! So next time you make a trip to Zellers or Shoppers check to see if they have any, or any other store for that matter! Walmart sells the Advil Nighttime Liqui Gels 10 Pack for $4.77! These coupons have a nice lengthy expiry date on them of Dec 31st 2011 so I have been hanging onto the ones I had left over from before for another great sale like the one Metro had before and I got six boxes for free!
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