60,000 Coupons for up to FREE OSCAR MAYER SELECTS HOT DOGS!!! (US)


WOW the coupon is over $1 already! Visit the Taste-a-Monials page and tell us what you think about Oscar Mayer Selects Hot Dogs. Every review helps increase the coupon value (all the way up to FREE). Don’t forget to tell your friends too!

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Click on the red GIVE YOUR TASE-A-MONIAL Tab

Current Value 7/14 at 3:00pm EST $1.40

Current Value 7/14 at 4:40pm EST $1.50

Current Value 7/15 at 1:30pm EST $2.30

Current Value 7/15 10:40pm EST $2.80

Current Value 7/16 10:30am EST $2.90

Current Value 7/17 4:25pm EST $3.20

Current Value 7/18 8:15am EST $3.30

Current Value 7/29 10:30am EST $3.80

Current Value 8/9 9:10am EST $5.20

Current Value 8/13 9:00am EST $5.40

PS There’s only 60,000 coupons!!! Says once all 60,000 are gone this ends no matter the value of the coupon at the time.

** The TASTE-a-MONIAL program runs from 6/3 – 8/15. If you submit your TASTE-a-MONIAL, you can expect to receive the final coupon shortly after 8/15.

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