**2 FREE Interactive Stories With Touchable Objects** For Andriod! The Candy Factory & The Moon Secrets! Rave Reviews!! (Canada, US)

Free Interactive Stories

The Moon Secrets has rave reviews by those who have downloaded it! Touchy Books: Luna presents a simple, interactive story about the moon designed specifically for young children. Pretty animation illuminates your Android device, while the story about the moon told from the perspective of a young girl unfolds. Tap on your screen to move items such as a telescope, car, or airplane; each page has an interactive element. Help jump start your child’s imagination with Touchy Books: Luna.

 The Candy Factory is another awesome interactive story with rave reviews!! One night, two very lucky children staring out of their window, get wrapped up and swept away by a giant cloud of cotton candy. After falling down a rainbow colored tunnel they find themselves in the mysterious candy factory. Fuzzy little creatures unravel all the extraordinary secrets of the factory, a whole new world where nothing is impossible. The Candy Factory packed with elaborate visual effects, touchable objects that burst into all things bizarre and eccentric.
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