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It is 100% FREE. This site is currently in pre-launch mode with only just over 60, 000 members so this is an ideal time to get in on the ground floor, and start building referrals before it launches, but he nice thing about this site is you do not need to refer people to make money, its just an added bonus.

The Best Deal Yet will ALWAYS be free, and NEVER ask you for any money. I know you are skeptical, as am I but heres my thoughts.  If I join and never have to pay a single penny (which I would NEVER do or want anyone else to) and possibly make a little cash, what do I have to lose? Also how often do we get to get in on the ground floor? There is 128 days till they launch! It’s not well known which is HUGE in building referrals because hardly anybody knows about it! I am going to give it a fair shake as I believe it deserves that much. The Best Deal Yet website is loaded with lots of information so you can decide if this is something you may want to give a whirl. They get paid from advertisers and in turn pay us.
Heres a few of the Q & A from the site but I highly recommend you visit their site and decide for yourself
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(Q) How Much Does It Cost To Join?

(A) Absolutely Nothing! Membership is 100% FREE and Will Always be 100% FREE!

(Q) OK So There Must Be Some Other Catch, What Do I Have To Buy Then?

(A) Again, Absolutely Nothing!, There are NO Financial Catches Whatsoever. You will NEVER EVER be asked to pay a membership fee or will you ever have to purchase anything such as products, credits advertising or are we going to ask you to work for nothing by filling out surveys or offers etc.

So If We Don’t Have To Pay To Join How Does The Site Make Money?

We are paid by the advertisers directly so we will never have to ask you for any of your hard earned money.

(Q) OK So I Must Have To Do Something To Earn Money Right?

(A) Yes Absolutely, You will be Clicking And Viewing Commercial Ads. We have an advertising sponsor who will pay us for ad views and we in turn will pay you to view these ads and occasionally give feedback on them. We are the main vehicle in a pilot scheme to implement new advertising delivery technology.

(Q) Do I Need To Refer People To Be Able To Earn Money?

(A) Not At All, there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to refer others to our site, however referrers can earn substantial amounts of money from referring as referrers will earn exactly 10% of what each person the refer earns. If for example you had just 10 referrals that were each earning $35 an hour you would be earning $3.50 off each one of your referrals per hour which is $35 per hour just from referrals or $350 per hour if you have 100 referrals. As you can see the earnings could prove substantial for those who are the most motivated.

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Earn $25 To $35 Per Hour Viewing Ads Then Earn 10% Of What Your Referrals Earn!

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